Tktti - Organizers


We’ve got all the features you want, plus some that you haven’t even imagined!


Your own private dashboard with all the events that past, are live and also the upcoming ones.

Creating a Team

Add your team members giving each designated roles according to their tasks.

Event Creation

Easily create multiple events within minutes with unique dynamic seating chart that takes up to 6000 seats.

Data Analysis

Grids, graphs and charts with reports of real time data gained from your events.


Scan your attendees, track who’s here and who’s yet to come.


ScanUniqely generated QR coded tickets, only scannable with the Tktti app.


Not only local debit cards but also regional credit cards accepted.

Social Media

Link your Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat accounts to your events.

Day of the Event

All synched all ready and good to go. View real time data of sales and attendees at the event at the same time.

Customer Service

Always ready for your questions, comments and concerns

A growing family of great events